Shipyard Drive Hilton Head Island, SC

Shipyard Drive Hilton Head Island

Introduction to the Area

An almost mythical residential resort on Hilton Head Island, there is a lot of rich history surrounding Shipyard Drive and the 800 acres that it encompasses at the southern end of the island.

One of the most beautiful of all the residential resorts South Carolina has to offer land certainly one of the most prestigious destinations on Hilton Head, this property is the pinnacle of low country living and a quiet destination for those that want to slow things down and enjoy everything that southern charm is supposed to encompass.

Types of Property Available

Stretching between Palmetto Dunes and Sea Pines (two of the most story residential resorts on the island), Shipyard is a premium residential destination with a number of selected building lots and properties available for sale as well. All of the homes reflect southern architecture very well, and each of them has been individually spaced to give every property owner the feeling of privacy that they hold so dear without compromising the small-town and neighborhood flavor of the community, either.

There are quite a few vacation rental properties throughout the community as well, with a number of residents from Shipyard Drive investing in these properties themselves.

The Shipyard Drive Community

The community is quite established already (as Shipyard is one of the older residential plantation resorts on the island), but it has a youthful flavor and feel about it as most of the residents lead incredibly active lifestyles.

There is beach access thanks to the waterfront location of the resort, but there are also three executive golf courses on the property (each of which has accreditation by the Senior PGA Tour). Visitors and guests will be able to play these top-level golf courses any day of the week.

The Van Der Meer Shipyard Racquet Club (home to 14 clay and six hard surface tennis courts) is also open to residents, and there are numerous hiking trails, a fitness center, and a community pool available as well.

Local History

Closer to the southern end of the island, Shipyard has the same kind of “ocean centric” spirit that the other major resorts in the area fully embrace as well. One of the first parts of the island to be explored by William Hill himself, it has a rich history that can be better appreciated by visiting the Shipyard Plantation community center.

Here’s What Makes Shipyard Drive So Special

The executive golf courses and the other activity centers that Shipyard Drive offers are incredibly attractive for those that are looking to lead quiet, peaceful, but active lifestyles.