Palmetto Dunes/Shelter Cove Hilton Head Island, SC

Palmetto Dunes/Shelter Cove Hilton Head

Introduction to the Area

The twin communities of Palmetto Dunes and Shelter Cover give residents the opportunity to live closer to the middle of Hilton Head Island, right smack dab in the action and close to all the different amenities and special attractions the island has to offer.

Combining to represent more than 1800 acres (with three beautiful acres of beachfront right out on the Atlantic), these communities give residents and property owners the chance to lead the low country lifestyle without having to sacrifice their privacy.

Multiple golf courses, lagoons, and one of the biggest tennis centers on the entire island (and so much more) guarantee that those living in Palmetto Dunes and the Shelter Cover resorts are able to lead active and engaging lifestyles perfectly suited to the Hilton Head Island culture.

Types of Property Available

Both of these communities are built up almost entirely of residential properties, though there are some shops, eateries, and entertainment venues throughout Shelter Cove that really add a lot to these communities.

The architecture throughout both resorts is a combination of southern charm and style and a Mediterranean inspired aesthetic that is quite unique to this part of South Carolina. Palmetto Dunes is the real heartbeat of the residences, and it is also home to the majority of the building sites still available.

The Palmetto Dunes/Shelter Cover communities

Both of these resort residential communities have a lot to offer, especially since they are a bit of a package deal, so to speak. Shelter Cove is very much the playground of these two communities, though they are tied so closely to one another that it’s difficult to find where one ends and the other begins!

Palmetto Dunes is a little bit slower paced, a little bit more privacy-focused, and a community that you’ll love spending your days lounging about in. Combine that with the multiple world class golf courses, the nature preserve, and the numerous lagoons, and this is a chunk of prime real estate quite unlike anything else in America.

Local History

Though it isn’t the oldest of the best communities on Hilton Head, it isn’t the youngest, either. This gives it a very well developed feel and atmosphere, without looking too old or outdated. Close enough to all of the other major resorts on the island to visit friends and golf partners, there’s a lot of culture here as well.

The Shelter Cove area is a great place to here old sea stories from sailors and those that have spent most of their lives out on the water, while you’ll find Civil War stories of smugglers using the lagoons to their advantage when you get deeper into Palmetto Dunes.

Here’s What Makes Port Royal So Special

At the end of the day, it’s the unique attributes that both of these communities offer that make them so special. World class golf (three different courses designed by legends of golf architecture), one of the biggest tennis centers and clubs in the area, and access to some of the most beautiful beaches along the Atlantic make it easy to make Palmetto Dunes and Shelter Cove your next home