Long Cove Real Estate Hilton Head Island, SC

Long Cove Property Hilton Head

An Introduction to Long Cove on Hilton Head Island

Long Cove is quite the welcoming place, especially if you enjoy being a member of a prestigious country club. The area is steeped in national history, situated among some of the country’s most breathtaking natural landscapes, and poised to offer the active retiree a life worth writing home about.  Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is home to pristine beaches and lakes, lush marshes, and rolling hills.  It indeed could be the home of your dreams.

The Types of Properties Available

Long Grove offers a number of different property types from which to choose.  Although condos and townhouses are typically the most popular option, detached homes are also available to those interested. However, the quantity of open properties is rather limited.  Those wanting to purchase property in the area are encouraged to do so without hesitation.

The Community Overview

Enjoy an active lifestyle and an engaged community when you join the residents at Long Cove on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. There is a country club available where you can go to meet with friends and family, and plenty of room to fit in a game of tennis at a first-class facility before you head to the marina.  Go back to your comfortable home having had a memorable day. After all, nothing says community more than a common spot where locals come to hang out, catch up, and lay back.

Local Amenities

For those interested in buying property in Long Cove, your best bet would be to act fast.  This gated island residential community offers everything you need to enjoy your golden years.  Whether you wish to be active or sit back and relax, Long Cove has got you covered. It is located just a few short minutes from the beach and features numerous restaurants and entertainment hubs for your convenience.  The Country Clubhouse has been recently remodeled too, and now features priceless works from talented local artists.

What Makes the Area So Special?

Long Cove on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is unique in a number of ways.

  •         It is gated to offer you increased privacy and security
  •         It is set up for active retirees who love nature
  •         It is located just a few minutes away from lots of exciting off-site activities
  •         It features tranquil landscape and architecture designs that both stimulate and relax