Indigo Run Real Estate Hilton Head Island, SC

Indigo Run Real Estate Hilton Head Island

An Introduction to Indigo Run on Hilton Head Island

Do you adore playing golf and want to own a piece of paradise?  Then you might want to discover Hilton Head Island’s newest golf community, Indigo Run.  It is located just minutes from the beach, offers acres of pristine courses, and is ran by some of the most tasteful people to ever host a homeowner’s association.  If you are looking for the cream of crop community with all the amenities of a memorable vacation, this is the place for you.

The Types of Properties Available

Your choices of properties are virtually endless at Indigo Run.  Not only can you pick out your favorite luxury condo, but you can opt for a more casual townhouse if that fits your lifestyle better.  In fact, some entire floors can be bought if you so choose.  You’ll need to speak to a qualified real estate agent, however, and act as quickly as possible. Although Indigo Run is new to Hilton Head Island, its residences tend to sell exceptionally fast.

The Community Overview

Indigo Run is all about the golf.  It even features a nationally ranked golf club which hosts numerous events throughout the year.  Because the area is so steeped in the love of the game, it seems as though the entire community comes out to watch when events take place.  The feeling of togetherness continues through the works of the Homeowners’ Association, which puts on various programs and shows year-round.  Residents are encouraged to remain informed and to check the local events calendar for more information.

Local Amenities

You will never run out of activities when you live in Indigo Run.  For starters, there are several spas where you can go to unwind.  Secondly, there are 24 different golf courses to try, 350 tennis courts in the area, and over 250 restaurants.  When you’re done with that, you can enjoy water sports, hiking, fishing, or even camping.  End your awesome day by going shopping at one of the fine retail stores in the area.

What Makes the Area So Special?

Indigo Run is the perfect place for retirees and golf lovers to spend their golden years.  It is both private and secure while being inviting to families, friends, and guests.  It is situated in a historical area which just so happens to be the hub of luxury.  Indeed, Indigo Run is designed to become a lasting fixture in the South Carolina landscape.