Hilton Head Plantation, SC

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An Introduction to Hilton Head Plantation in South Carolina

Hilton Head Plantation is an inviting place for families and vacationers, investors and visitors, and anyone else who enjoys being within a natural paradise that is steeped in luxury.  You no longer have to choose between being close to nature and being comfortable.  Hilton Head Plantation in South Carolina has everything you need to make your dreams come true.

The Types of Properties Available

There are a number of different property types available to someone who wants to make an investment.  Homes, condos, and townhouses are continually for sale through reputable real estate agents.  However, properties seem to sell rather quickly due to the increasing demand.

The Community Overview

Although many of the people you will encounter here will be from another part of the country and only visiting, those who do own property at Hilton Head Plantation tend to be friendly, family-oriented, and laid-back.  The state of South Carolina is notorious for being hospitable, but Hilton Head Plantations takes hospitality to a whole new level.  Its welcoming atmosphere attracts all sorts, from young and active families to retirees and everything in between.

Local Amenities

Chances are, you will never run out of things to do while visiting or living here.  Hilton Head Plantation is situated among some of the most entertaining yet relaxing natural amenities in the country, including trails, waterways, lush forests, and pristine landscapes.  There are also a number of man-made amenities including golf courses, tennis courts, spas, and parks located just a couple miles from Hilton Head Plantation.

There is even an appointed recreational staff which plans and coordinated various community activities around the calendar.  They host numerous programs and special events which include dances, art shows, fairs, and public performances.  Those responsible for these events are accessible to the public, and many people add their own flair to the mix after being a there a while.

What Makes the Area So Special?

Hilton Head Plantation is so special mostly because it is steeped in national history. However, the area is also a member of the local Homeowners’ Association, which encompasses 4,000 acres of parks, pools, lagoons, marshes, lakes, beaches, and conservancies.  The Association works to ensure the highest quality of living for residents and it maintains Hilton Head Plantation as a national asset by using a specially designed “Repair and Replacement Fund” to fix problems in the infrastructure before they affect residents.