Daufuskie Island Real Estate South Carolina

Discover Daufuskie Island Real Estate Bluffton, SC

If you’re interested in purchasing Low Country real estate, you’ll enjoy learning about Daufuskie Island real estate Bluffton SC. When it comes to choosing a property in this beautiful area, you’ll have choices galore, from gated communities to private dwellings and condos.

No matter what you choose, you’ll find that you’re selecting property on an island which offers a truly enviable lifestyle to residents and visitors alike.

To help you get the inside scoop on this form of real estate, we’ve created a practical quick guide…

Property Types to Consider

Gated communities typically offer luxury living, which means pricier houses or expensive estates. However, some gated communities provide cheaper options. Examples of gated communities on Daufuskie Island include Haig Point, Melrose Plantation, and Bloody Point.

About This Island Community

This island is definitely unique and that’s why it’s so popular with tourists. Daufuskie Island features a surface area of only fourteen hundred acres and no automobiles are permitted on the island. For this reason, homes tend to have smaller garages, if they have garages at all.

Residents and visitors utilize electric golf carts in order to get around and the island does not have a bridge to the mainland.

Information about Amenities and Schools

There is a school on this small sea island, so young kids do have a place to learn. Older kids are taken to schools in Hilton Head via the ferry. In terms of amenities, this island features four golf courses. In particular, the 20-hole Haig Point Golf course is very popular with golfers of all skill levels, due to its clever design.

History of Daufuskie Island

The island’s first recorded history dates back to Pre-revolutionary times. This five-mile island is considered a historic site due to its Gullah and Civil War roots.

What Makes the Area Special?

An island with no cars means far less noise and pollution. As well, it’s just so beautiful on this charming South Carolina island! If you want to get away from the madding crowd, we encourage you to check out real estate listings for this enticing sea island. It’s a great place to retire or raise a family and it provides uniqueness and heritage that are beyond compare.

Whether you choose a gated community or another type of real estate investment, you’ll find that Daufuskie Island is a wonderful place to call home. Vacation homes are also available, for those who wish to spend some time on the island, without living there year-round.