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Discover Palmetto Bluff | Real Estate Bluffton, SC

Have you dreamed of living close to centuries-old woodland and serene marshlands? If so, you’ll find that the Palmetto Bluff private residential community is a fine choice.

Known for its exquisite homes and environs, Palmetto Bluff | Real Estate Bluffton, SC is flanked by three rivers and surrounded by ancient Maritime woodlands, as well as marshes which feature a dizzying array of birds, plants, crustaceans, and fish.

To help you learn about this exceptional gated community, which is situated in the South Carolina lowlands, we’ve created a practical quick guide…

Property Types to Consider

This gorgeous and unspoiled residential community offers many property types to interested buyers. For example, homes which are lovely but smaller in size and scale retail for less than 600k….however, larger estates with plenty of square footage, double appliances in the kitchens and lots of bedrooms are also available. These cost one, two or three million dollars, depending on their level of luxury.

So, options are available and all homes feature instant access to natural surroundings, such as woodlands and marshes.

Information about the Community

This community is designed to highlight everything that is special about the low country and to allow residents (and guests of the on-site Inn) to experience “low country living” at its finest. In terms of demographics, this private community attracts all sorts of residents and guests.

Families and retirees are common, as are singles who seek out an affluent lifestyle amidst the beauty of the low country.

Information about Amenities and Schools

Schools of high caliber are available close to the community. As well, this private enclave features an impressive host of amenities, including a range of on-site eateries, fishing and shooting facilities, an exciting network of hiking trails, lap pools and a fitness center.

What Makes the Area Special?

A lot of gated communities in the area are focused on golf – this one is different. It offers more rustic appeal in terms of promoting classic low country activities, such as hiking, fishing, and shooting. If you want access to a luxurious, yet unpretentious lifestyle, you’ll find it in this private residential community.  

Since residences come at a range of price points, from the affordable to the very upscale, there is something for many different types of homebuyers. As well, homes in this area are made with care, from fine materials, with the most skillful craftsmanship. So, please browse our real estate listings today!