Oldfield Real Estate Bluffton, SC

Get the Inside Scoop on Oldfield Real Estate (Okatie, SC)

If you want to build a customized private residence, you may do so at the Oldfield private community. If you prefer to, you may also choose from homes which are already built (according to the highest standards of quality and beauty).

This private community is luxurious and upscale and it includes lush, unspoiled forests, a stellar golf course, and stunning nature preserves.

To help you learn more about this elegant community, we’ve created a practical guide to Oldfield Real Estate (Okatie, SC).

Property Types are Very Sophisticated

This private community is for discerning members/homeowners. For this reason, properties which are available have all of the bells and whistles, including scenic views, high-end construction from the finest materials and beautiful facades and grounds.

Homes at Oldfield range in price between six hundred and fifty thousand dollars and two million dollars. Prices will vary based on what is available and real estate market conditions.  Home sites are also available – prices will vary based on lot size and location.

About the Oldfield Community

This community has so much to offer, including on-site golf and an Outfitter’s Centre. The Outfitter’s Centre is a place where community naturalists and guides offer the most enticing outdoor adventure activities to residents. The centre also features easy access to the river and each resident may use the centre as a mooring for a kayak or another type of boat.

As well, the community features all of the typical amenities of a gated community, as well as truly beautiful homes and green spaces.

Information about Amenities and Schools

Good schools are found in nearby towns and cities. As well, the community places a high value on family fun and togetherness and promotes this via a host of initiatives, such as Farmer’s Markets, camps and holiday festivals/events.

In terms of amenities, golf and the Outfitter’s Centre top the list. However, there is also a beautiful Fitness Center which features a huge outdoor swimming pool and tennis courts.

History of Oldfield Real Estate

Like many private residential communities in the area, this one started out as a Plantation. The history of this tract of land began way back in 1732.  Today, the community retains heritage elements which hearken back to the Old South and enhance the area’s charm and uniqueness.

What Makes the Area Special?

If you want luxury in Bluffton, South Carolina, as well as easy access to unspoiled nature, this may be the perfect private community for your needs.