Hampton Lakes Real Estate Bluffton, SC

Learn about Hampton Lakes Real Estate, Bluffton

If you’re interested in purchasing luxury real estate in beautiful Bluffton, South Carolina, you’ll enjoy this helpful quick guide. We are here to offer up some interesting information about Hampton Lakes real estate, Bluffton.

Hampton Lakes is a private, gated residential community and it offers wonderful residences to buyers, as well as a host of appealing amenities. When you choose Hampton Lakes, you’ll be able to enjoy Bluffton’s natural beauty and gentle climate as you also enjoy a truly sophisticated lifestyle…

Property Types in the Community

Many options are available at this community. Interested parties will be able to purchase lots to build on or select residences which are already constructed. Prices for lots vary in price from 80k to around 200k. Prices for homes which are ready to live in vary from 179k to over half a million dollars.

Homes vary quite a bit in terms of design – however, all of them are well-constructed and pleasing to the eye and all offer access to the security of a gated community (and to a variety of amenities).

What You Should Know about the Community

This community is much more affordable than some gated communities and this means that it attracts younger buyers. Although older homeowners are definitely a part of the community’s demographics, it does feature members from a host of different age groups. It’s a diverse place and a nice place to make new connections.   

Information about Amenities and Schools

Hampton Lake doesn’t have any schools on-site – however, it’s part of the Maize school system. This school system is very impressive and offers great educational opportunities to students.

In terms of amenities, the gated community offers nature preserves, a lakeside “amenity village”, a greenway trail system and access to a range of waterways, including Crystal Lake. Those who embrace outdoor activities (or simply appreciate the beauty of nature!), will find that this residential community is a peaceful and inspiring place to be.

History of the Community

This community is the handiwork of John Reed and his company, The Reed Group. Known as Bluffton’s premier residential development firm, The Reed Group is responsible for the construction of many other impressive gated communities in the area, such as Colleton River and Hampton Hall.

What Makes the Area Special?

This community was created by a trusted real estate development firm with a sterling reputation – this is just one reason why buying at Hampton Lake will be a smart investment. In terms of sheer livability, this gated community offers the security, lovely homes and amenities that most people want.