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Introduction to Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is rather small geographically speaking, but it is quite big when it comes to high-end real estate.  The island, which is only about 60 square miles, has nearly everything that both residents and vacationers need to live in their very own east coast paradise. Indeed, it is the ultimate North American beach retreat and one of America’s best-kept secrets.

Property Types

There is plenty of property for those who want to make their holiday to Hilton Head Island last forever.  There is a certain quality of life to be had here on the island – one that cannot be found anywhere else.  Moreover, the types of properties available are clearly conducive to a more luxurious lifestyle.

Situated amongst a pristine landscape, Hilton Head Island offers homes, condos, and villas that feature decorative hints of Native American, Spanish, African American, English, and French influences. The price and availability of property and land in Hilton Head Island tends to fluctuate, so most buyers are encouraged to make quick purchases when they find something they like.

Community Demographics

Hilton Head Island makes a great home or getaway for people from all walks of life. The population is a mixture of young and old, with active families lining the streets right next to relaxed retirees.  The whole place just has a close-knit community feeling to it, which further leads to the area’s incredible appeal.


You will never run out of things to do while in Hilton Head Island, SC. For starters, there are 24 world-class golf courses from which to choose.  When you’re done there, enjoy your pick of over 300 different tennis courts or 250 gourmet restaurants.  The island is designed to offer people both excitement and relaxation at the same time, and the area accomplishes that while being completely family-friendly.

What Makes Hilton Head Island Special?

Real estate is available for a number of purposes, whether that be as your primary residence, a vacation spot, or a savvy investment. Coastal homes and business are always more desirable than other real estate.  The demand is far greater than the supply in this particular area. In fact, Hilton Head Island listings sometimes sell within hours of being put on the market.  Put simply: Hilton Head Island is special because living there is like living in a perpetual paradise.