Bluffton Real Estate Property

Are You Interested in Buying Real Estate Property Bluffton, SC?

Bluffton, SC is an American town which is situated in Beaufort County and it features a small population of fewer than thirteen thousand people. However, the area is showing a lot of growth – its population increased by 882 percent between 2000 and 2010.

Bluffton is renowned for its charming Old Town district, which offers splendid views of the May River. This coastal village is very livable and this is why its real estate is in high demand.

Property Types to Consider

As with other towns, this one offers an array of property types, from basic and affordable single-dwelling homes to majestic estates and beyond. Condos and commercial properties are also available. Price ranges vary quite a bit – however, it’s possible to buy a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home for as little as 142k.

Most homes cost more – however, affordable choices are out there. Luxury homes may cost over a million dollars or more.

Community Facts and Information

This community offers a lot of potential to new residents. Currently, the town features a median resident age of 33.8 years and a median household income of 59.5k…

The average price of a property in this area is two hundred and eight thousand dollars. Since real estate prices are attractive, it’s a great place for first-time home buyers, whether they have families or plan to live alone.  

Community Amenities and Schools

This town features all of the amenities that most people want, including a trio of libraries, seven parks, a public transit system and so much more. While it’s definitely a small town, and this is something that most people love, it does have the right amenities for total livability.

Bluffton schools are within the Beaufort 01 School District. This school district earns a “five out of ten” ranking, based on data which is analyzed by the Great Schools website. Most people who live in Bluffton are high school graduates and twenty percent are college graduates. Eleven percent of Bluffton residents have completed post-graduate degrees.

History of Bluffton, SC

This South Carolina town has a long history, which dates back to the Colonial Era. Initially, the region was known by the name, Granville County (of St. Luke’s Parrish). The region was known as one living place for Yamasee native Americans – these indigenous people were invited to live in Granville County (now Bluffton) if they wished to and many did choose to move to the area.

What Makes this Area Special?

This is a beautiful South Carolina town which is the perfect blend of rich heritage and modern amenities.  As well, it offers appealing real estate prices. If you want to experience Southern living at its finest, you’ll love what Bluffton SC has to offer.