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Client Safety

During the sale of your home there will be many individuals and groups asking to have a viewing of your home. These are all very important potential buyers of your property. However, it is necessary to set some guidelines as to who may see your home, and under what circumstances, for the safety of everyone involved. The following guidelines will help ensure our mutual goals are met.

• When an agent has called and set an appointment to show or preview your home, please ensure you and other members of your household will not be present for the showing. Your home will show better if you are not there by providing a more comfortable experience for the potential buyer.

• If a visitor to your door asks to see the home without an agent or an appointment, please ask them to schedule one through their agent or ask them to call me. I’m happy to show your home to anyone that may have an interest.

• If an agent knocks on your door to show the home without an appointment, please try to accommodate them, but ask them to give you a minute or so to gather your things to leave the home. Please lock the doors and windows prior to leaving. Any agent visiting your home will have their own means to access the home via our approved lockbox system. The presentation of a business card is not proof enough of being a licensed real estate agent. Use of my lockbox will ensure only authorized agents will have access to your home. Their accessing this lockbox also provides valuable marketing information to me.

• My goal is to sell your home so you can move on to your next destination. As part of your planning, please pack any small valuable that may be easily removed from the premises. Advertising to potential thieves is not our desire, and simple theft can sometimes lead to more serious crimes.

• If you own guns or other weapons we ask that you pack them away, lock them up with their ammunition removed, or remove them from the premises. Weapons will not help sell the home, and may even cause a potential buyer to think the neighborhood is not at the level of safety they desire.

• When you leave the home, please open blinds so that as much light as practical is available to the interior of the home. This will make the home more appealing and allow buyers to see inside the home. This will also make the home safer for those inside.

• Please leave as many lights on as practical. We want your home to be bright and cheery inside. Well lit sidewalks and porches will minimize the potential of falling.

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