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Home Staging Tips - Hilton Head Island SCYou’re distinct to sell your home – So what’s next?  Need to get ready to show buyers! This is called home staging – the art of correctly presenting your home – is one of the easiest ways to assure selling your home fast and at the loftiest possible price.  So move up and view your home with the eye of a highly censorious buyer and try to imagine that the way you decorate to sell, may be quite different from your day to day decorating way.  Staging a home well doesn’t have to spend a lot of money and it will be an investment that can have a bigger return if you do it right. Here are simple steps to get you started:

Start to visit few open houses.  It will give you the opportunity to view how your home compares to others and get an idea of what is going to take to compete within your local market.

Do Complete Repairs. Doing repairs before resale heighten the chances of quick selling.  A property that is not preserved is a red flag for home buyers. Exert much effort to replace that old carpeting, replace aging appliances, complete cosmetic upgrades, and make all necessary home improvements that will make your home feel welcoming and show buyers that it has been well cared of.

Clean, Be Neat, clean.  This can be tedious to make  your home competitive in the market! The effort to sell your home for big dollar. Scrub all tiles includes in the kitchen and bathrooms, wash windows, clean hardwood floors, mist clean carpets and drapes, repair cracks and holes on the walls, repaint doors and moldings, and try to paint interior walls with neutral colors.  A house that “sparkles” on the surface will sell faster than its scruffy neighbor.

Depersonalize and Unclutter.  The more stuff in your home any prospective buyers see, the lesser they can envision themselves in a home. Consider it as “pre-packing”!  Clear counters, take off family photos on the walls, personal collections removed,  and closets should be organized and uncluttered. One major contributor to a cluttered look is having too much furniture so take a serious look at those you have and ask yourself what things you can live without. Make sure hallways are wide – they lead potential buyers into your home and should be bright and clutter free.

Create more space. Add some items to enhance your home: like table and floor lamps that are simple but eye catchy, flowers or greenery can add fresh appeal to every room, a soft throw,  luxury fabric pillows, mirrors to make a room look larger and reflect light, or a glass bowl of fruit in the kitchen table or a touch of color.

Don’t ignore curb appeal. Paint the exterior if needed and power wash siding and windows. It won’t matter if you have the marvelous kitchen ever;  if your outside paint is peeling you’ll have a tough time getting potential home buyers in the door to view it. Visit the front door, maybe it needs repainting even if the rest of the house don’t. Change out entry door hardware, doorbell, address numbers and light fixtures are less expense way to add style and gain more interest to your home’s exterior. In the yard, cut shrubs and trees, get a lawn mower and sweep the walkway and entryway. It would be attractive to plant colorful flowers or add a few container gardens close to the entry door.

Assured that a properly staged home is stands out against the competition so find ways to highlight your home’s measurements and will go a long way toward creating a home that will appeal to the greatest possible buyers.

If you are purchasing a Luxury Home or villa on Hilton Head Island for your primary home, second home, vacation retreat or investment, you can realize your dream!  Contact me, Felice LaMarca, at 843-671-6702 or email me here.  As your full service Hilton Head Island real estate broker I specialize in exclusive resort and luxury properties in the South Carolina Low Country and as your full service Hilton Head Island real estate broker you can rest assure that my knowledge, experience, and professionalism will always serve your best interests when buying or selling a home.

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