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First Quarter 2012 Sales numbers looking good on Hilton Head Island!

Villa sales took off first quarter of this year.  Hilton Head Island was 11% ahead of last years first quarter.  Hilton Head home sales a bit slower coming in at 95% of last year.  Still very encouraging for the housing market on the island.

Year End Sales Numbers for Hilton Head Island & Bluffton are great!

The numbers don’t lie.  Read my 2011 year end newsletters under market reports and see  the breakdown.  Sales volume on Hilton head Island exceeded last years by 5% or over $32 million dollars.  Sales volume for Bluffton saw a 7% or $19 million increase over 2010.  Sea Pines was up over $25 million or 17%.  The other best part of this news is that inventory of homes declined 34% from the high in 2008 on the island and 41% in Bluffton.  Prices continued to decline, but as inventory sells off, prices will stablilize.  If this happens in 2012, look for prices to level off in the lowcountry by the end of this year.

Hilton Head Monthly Report for Oct. 2011

Monthly Indicator Report

Real estate is local both in terms of geography and personal circumstance.  Listen to the national trends, then talk to your real estate agent about your local market.  In Hilton Head sales are up and inventory is down.  Read the stats below and if you are a buyer…get off the fence before you miss this opportunity.

New Listings in the Hilton Head region decreased 10.3 percent to 359. Pending Sales were up 34.4 percent to 250.  Inventory levels shrank 20.2 percent to 2,925 units, a trend that could indicate a changing landscape.

Prices were fairly stable. The Median Sales Price decreased 1.2 percent to $239,133. Days on Market decreased 4.4 percent to 138 days. Absorption rates improved as Months Supply of Inventory was down 26.6 percent to 12.1 months.

Recent reports from the broader economy have dispelled the story of a double-dip recession.  An early reading of gross domestic product (GDP) showed 2.5 percent growth.  Meanwhile, national job growth, a major driver of housing demand and price support, has recently strengthened. An increasingly impatient White House has rolled out phase two of the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) for Fannie- and Freddie-backed mortgages. This should help a number of consumers as they write the next chapter.

Housing Supply Overview

For the 12-month period spanning November 2010 through October 2011, Pending Sales in the Hilton Head region were up 13.1 percent overall. The price range with the largest gain in sales was the $225,001 to $375,000 range, where they increased 24.8 percent.

The overall Median Sales Price was down 4.0 percent to $230,285. The property type with the smallest price decline was the Single-Family segment, where prices decreased 3.7 percent to $265,000. The price range that tended to sell the quickest was the $100,000 and Below range at 115 days; the price range that tended to sell the slowest was the $650,001 and Above range at 236 days.

Market-wide, inventory levels were down 20.2 percent. The property type that lost the least inventory was the Condo segment, where it decreased 19.2 percent. That amounts to 11.6 months supply for Single-Family homes and 13.3 months supply for Condos.

October 2011 Sales in for Hilton Head Island & Sea Pines!

The numbers don’t lie.  Hilton Head home sales rose 36% over Oct. 2010.  Villa sales rose 4%.  For Sea Pines, home sales rose 50% and villa sales rose 400%.  WOW.  This is what else can be said…  For any buyers dreaming of having a home or villa on Hilton Head Island, what are you waiting for? Prices to hedge up?  Inventory to dry up?   Am I being dramatic?  No, I am being passionate about buying NOW!   Inventory has been dropping for the third year in a row in Sea Pines and Hilton Head Island.  Prices are at an all time low.  Buy while you still have some good choices and flexible sellers.

Home Prices Up…

A report came out of Washington today indicating rising home prices in half of the major cities.  Standard & Poor’s/Case-Schiller index showed price increases  from July to August in 10 or the 20 cities tracked.  This is the 5th straight month that prices have showed gains indicating a stabilization in some of the hardest hit portions of the country.  Biggest price increases were in Washington, Chicago and Detroit.  Greatest declines were in Atlanta and Los Angeles.  If this trend continues, we will see much needed stabalization come to the housing market.  Hilton Head Island is not showing price increases, but is showing higher list price to sale price percentages.

Hilton Head Island Beats the National Housing Indicators!

September 2011 Quick Facts





People talk about the national housing market like it’s some static thing, like a toaster. The thing is, there is no national housing market. Just like there is no national weather forecast. That doesn’t mean national averages don’t have their place, but you don’t grab a raincoat and an umbrella in Miami based on the weather in Seattle. Like the weather, all real estate is local. As we embark on the 2011 let’s take a look at our local forecast.


New Listings in the Hilton Head region decreased 20.2 percent to 396. Pending Sales were down 6.1 percent to 199.  Inventory levels shrank 20.3 percent to 3,004 units, a positive supply-side trend that should bring additional stability.
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September 2011 Sales Figures Good for Hilton Head Island!

September numbers are in for homes and villas under contract.  The numbers are  ahead of September, 2010.  For Hilton Head Island, home sales are flat, at 100% of last year, while villa sales are 13% ahead.  In the famed Sea Pines Plantation, home sales are 7% ahead of  Sept. 2010 and villa sales are 25% ahead.  This activity has been good all year with 7 months of numbers ahead of last year.  Couple that with eroding inventory, any purchaser on the fence, should make their best deal now.

August Real estate sales in Hilton Head Island

Not even some rough weather in August tried to shook both side of the closing sales table. In national report, activities of customers are heading on the track based on the usual selling trends and sellers are even just giving less discounts. Definite supply and enhanced absorption rates in many regions suggests that the market is realigning towards neutral balance. Locally, both sales and prices had increased movement last August 2010, but are the numbers showed reason for optimism?  Check this new listings report in the Hilton Head region decreased 16.7 percent to 433.  Sales on pending were up from 17.2 percent to 245.  Levels of inventory shrank from 20.8 percent to 2,992 units, this is a supply-side improvement. Prices moved higher. Median Sales Price increased from 19.2 percent to $255,000. Days stocked on Market decreased from 12.8 percent to 110 days. Absorption rates did improved while Inventory of supply per month went down from 26.6 percent to 12.4 months.  The economy bounced this side of August positively. The confidence of consumers, which often affect the demand for housing, slacked personal income and their spending became less. So, having declining supply, prices stabilizing and low interest rates like a beacon that attracts hope in this strained environment.

Hilton Head Island Receives “Green” designation!

After receiving the Bicycle Friendly Community award won in May, Hilton Head Island has received the Audubon International’s Green Community designation.  The first in the state and one of several across the country, the award was presented at the International Ecotourism Society’s 5th annual conference held this year on Hilton Head Island. This showcases the island’s environmental stewardship, including sea turtle protection, beach renourishment, planned green space & building design, water quality standards & conservation, waste reduction and tree protection.

Hilton Head Island is a fabulous place to visit, live, work and play.

Hilton Head Sales still Strong

2011 Hilton Head Island home sales averaged 12% over last year. They dipped in May and returned strong in June. Villa/condo sales were 3% oer last year with dips in April & May and came back strong in June. Sea Pines lead the stats with 48% up in home sales and 30% up in villa/condo sales.
Inventory has decreased from last year, but there are still good buys out there for the savvy buyer.

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