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New Years Resolution on Hilton Head

Well, it is a New Year in the Low Country and I have resolved to be more attentive to my blog and to post much more regularly! I am sure you are all doing great on your New Year’s resolutions, and I am keeping all of mine, too. The funny thing is, I made this resolution after a series of others, but the catalyst for it was our beaches here in Hilton Head… I want to walk on them, spend more time sitting on them, and soak up all the beauty and solace of spending a day feeling the warm sun on my face, the sand under my toes, and hear the waves lapping at the shore. I know I can’t spend every day there, but I resolve that I will make time to enjoy them more than I have in years past. The idea of spending a relaxing day at the beach seems so far away, with the weather today … and depending on where you grew up, it is either cool or cold! We can’t be too bitter, though, I mean, nearly every day here is shorts weather, and even in January, my sandals are never far away. Isn’t that the beautiful thing about living in Hilton Head? Any given day, even in the dead of winter, it will be 75 degrees and sunny tomorrow. I love the beauty of the Low Country beaches and I know you do to.

So here is my resolution to all of you – I will enjoy the beautiful beaches we have here this year! Whether it is South Beach here in Sea Pines, Coligny, Burke’s Beach or any of our other beautiful beaches , I am going to spend a lot more time walking these 14 miles of South Carolina beachfront we have and should all enjoy more. I mean, after all, if you didn’t want to live in paradise, you wouldn’t have moved here. And as we ramp up to our busy season, don’t let the “busy” get in your way. There are too many beautiful spots that we, I bet, just haven’t quite gotten around to seeing, and I promise you, I’m going to find them and take in those sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. And for those of you reading this that have not taken the plunge and joined into this lovely spot by the sea, I can’t wait to get you out on the sand!

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